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rsgleek's Journal

30 January
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Heya! I'm Masha and I'm a 15 year old girl from Serbia! I love Harry Potter as well as many other things. My former account was chase_love, but I had to delete it. I've started writing fanfiction a couple of years ago and I plan to copy some of my FF.net fanfics on LJ as well.

In HP, I ship all canon couples, as well as (ocasional) Terry Boot/Michael Corner/Anthony Goldstein, Wayne Hopkins/Dean Thomas, Seamus/Lavender and so on.

In House, I love House/Cuddy, although I like House/Wilson as well.

In Glee, I'm a big fan of Rachel/Quinn (even though I myself am straight), Brittany/Santana and Kurt/Blaine. I like Puckleberry and Finchel friendship.

I love writing, although I get writer's block easily. And yes, I know this account is 18+. I'm a teenager, what can I say? :)