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Tales From The Ravenclaw Common Room (1/?)
dr robert chase house

Title: Tales From The Ravenclaw Common Room (1/?)
Author: [info]rsgleek
Pairing/Characters: The Ravenclaws, some other.
Rating: PG
Summary: Ravenclaw students have a tradition: storytelling. Terry Boot started this tradition and now he holds story nights for his friends. Join them as they discover new worlds through stories and learn some important life values.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.


A/N: So, this story just randomly came to me when I remembered how much I liked Terry, Michael and Anthony. Also, I really like the idea of storytellers, of someone sitting and listening next to a fireplace, so I just combined my two loves. This is a prologue.

1. Prologue

Ever since they had reached their fourth year, Ravenclaw students who were in Harry Potter's year had had a habit of telling each other stories in their common room, next to the fireplace. At first, it was just a friendly gathering, but, as the students entered their fifth year, it had become a tradition. Older and younger students would sit down and listen to a story. At some point, students from other houses began to arrive.

Terry Boot was the most frequent storyteller, for he knew how to keep his audience interested. Sometimes he would tell them Muggle fairytales, sometimes myths and legends and sometimes the good old wizarding fairytales most of them knew by heart.

Students would arrive to the Ravenclaw common room, someone would wait for them outside, help them answer the portrait's question and they would embark on adventures that led them across the world.

Terry was not only the most important member of the group, but he was also the one who first came up with the idea. He was sure that some of the teachers knew what was going on, but he liked the feeling of doing something grand and keeping it a secret.

This was something that was promoting inter-house unity, but it was also a new tradition, something that would be remembered, something that began in Ravenclaw, something that was his idea and Terry was very proud.



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